Welcome to Naksha Handicrafts.

Greater Rangpur region is a vulnerable area in the north-west of Bangladesh. The per capita income of the region is low than the other part of the country. Monga-the seasonal food crisis is like an octopus in this region which caused the back behind of the socio-economic conditions of the region. People of this region are struggle for better livelihood up to death. Most of the men go to other part of the country to earn money during monga period. But, the women are mostly vulnerable those who are not being able to move anywhere due to family, child and other related causes. For these, a vulnerability of especially in economical aspect is commonly lying with the large number of people of this region. Women of this region are mostly backing behind. Most of them are illiterate and not have sufficient skill to do any productive initiatives locally which might be the way of overcome their socio-economic vulnerability.

Naksha Handicrafts has come up to reduce the said vulnerability among the sufferer in this region. This institution brought a message for making skill of them which may provide in creative initiatives and the economic development as well. This is an initiative for not mere to business, to mitigate the existing social susceptible scenario of the mass people in this area.